Top 3 Unique Destinations in New Zealand

Lake Taupo 300x137 Top 3 Unique Destinations in New ZealandNew Zealand offers terrific travelling with many natural attractions to visit. Mostly the attractions are natural spots with modern facilities to help visitors enjoy the entire things. This country has many unspoiled natural areas. However, among many tourism spots, it has unique destinations where we can enjoy different attractions.

New Zealand has three main islands. On the most South, we will find Stewart Island. This island offers unique experience of exploring unspoiled rain forest of Podocarp. Most people like to stay on the beach and enjoy the refreshing breeze and pleasant view. We can also have relaxing walk on the bush and enjoy the natural circumstances. Do not worry, this island has modern facilities too so we can have the ultimate pleasure of enjoying exotic island. Most people think such travel will be dreadful. Instead, it is worth the travel and totally unforgettable. Exploring wilderness has never been better.

The other wilderness beauty will be Lake Taupo. This lake is created by volcanic eruption, which is one of the biggest eruptions in the world. This lake is known for its beauty. Visitors like doing nothing but enjoy the environment and watching the lake. On the west side of it, we will find waterfalls and bushes. The isolated bays are also too pretty to miss. Meanwhile, we will find parklands, small ones, on the east part, and volcanic mountain cluster in the south. Leave behind extraordinary modern entertainment and try to appreciate the natural beauty and try to enjoy it just how it is.

Then, try to visit Kaikoura. This place is known as whale watching place. We will sail with small boat or small plane and see the whale. Surprisingly, there are many whale species here including Sperm Whale and also Humpback Whales on migration. We can also have a chance to see the Royal Albatross, Fur Seals, Hector’s Dolphin, and Orcas. In addition to watching, you can also scuba dive, and swim with dolphins, or encounter Fur Seals. When you are done, you can join any local activity on shore. This space is totally too great to miss.

New Zealand offers different kind of travelling. Here, you can enjoy natural environment and also modern facilities at once without spoiling the natural sources. If you are bored with typical kind of travelling, you should thinking about taking a travelling plan to New Zealand and visit those sites. Which do you want to visit?

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