Blast Travel to Southern Europe

gondola in Venice 300x197 Blast Travel to Southern EuropeSouthern Europe offers so many very interesting things to enjoy and to do. As Europe is known for the civilization and history, we can do history visits, performance and festivals watch, scenery sightseeing, natural adventures, and also culinary trip. When you plan to travel the Southern Europe, you must plan to ride the gondola in Venice, visit Roman lighthouse in Spain, visit Meteora and climb the Byzantine monasteries, and refresh your mind with Tara River Canyon rafting. Those are popular activities people do when they are visiting the continent besides enjoying delicious mouth watering local menu along the journey.

Several destinations makes must visit ones, and become more popular than the others. When you visit Southern Europe, you must visit the popular Colosseum. This historic place offer magnificent experience of Roman golden age, not to mention mystical stories about the place. La Sagrada Familia and Trevi Fountain are also must visit destinations. One offers historic tour and the other offers landmark with crowded plaza, very exciting to visit at day and night. Riding a gondola in Venice will be unforgettable so you need to try. Do not forget to have Tara River Canyon rafting, and throw a stone into the Blue Eye, famous blue lake in southern of Albania.

Tourists will learn unforgettable facts of real human history of the age. The magnificent architectures are not only good object we want to take picture at; it also proves the mighty civilization of the human race. Historical tourism always offers wonders and amazement you will like. The natural tourism will be very teasing for you to enjoy more. Plus, Southern Europe is known for the magnificent menu and service for elegant dinner. You should try dinner like Europeans do. On top of all, your travel will be full of learning, and filled with excitement and adventure you can never forget.

Reaching the destination is simple enough. You have alternatives. If you are on budget, you should try the rail pass. The price is a lot cheaper. Backpackers and students love this alternative. However, you will be able to find cheap flights as well. Many of them transport tourists on more destinations. You only need to make early booking for this. The last alternative will be a ferry boat that travels you from Italy to magnificent Greece. Do not wear something sophisticated. You will want comfortable walking shoes and the same outfit too, and have your credit card and passport with you all the time.

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