Top 5 Safety Tips for the Pregnant Traveler

One of the biggest concerns for pregnant women is whether they can travel or not. The truth is that they can travel, but vary carefully. They also want to take a few precautions in mind. Moreover, they don’t want to travel during the last few months of pregnancy. If you are pregnant and want to have the safest delivery possible, so that you can donate the cord tissue and focus on raising your child, you want to make sure that you don’t over extend yourself on your travels. Anything can put pressure on your unborn child and traveling is certainly one of them. Here are the top five safety tips for the pregnant traveler.

  1. Go with the flow. When you are pregnant and planning a vacation or getaway, you want to make sure you take plenty of time to organize. This includes booking a plane months in advance, making sure that you have your hotel room and any other details. The key is to limit the amount of stress. The last thing you want when you travel is stress and this is especially important when you are expecting a child. Also, the more you plan, the less of a chance that things will go wrong.
  2. Plan on spending more time laying down than anything else. When you are pregnant, especially in the last trimester, you probably don’t want to be running all over a certain city. Things like visiting all the sites and walking across a whole city -┬áincluding shopping – can really be a strain. So, when you are going on a trip, make sure that you plan on doing a lot of sitting and lying down. You might even want to arrange your itinerary to maximize the amount of time you will be lying down by the beach or pool.
  3. Make sure to keep snacks on you at all times. When you are sightseeing for two, it is important that you eat for two. This means that you have to keep plenty of high calorie, energy inducing, nutritious snacks on you at all times. In fact, it can be quite a bad thing to go a few hours without eating something when you are pregnant. So, you might want to include nuts, dried berries and fruit, granola or cereal bars, or anything else that will keep your energy and blood sugar levels up.
  4. Don’t travel to regions that require you to get immunizations. Some countries might require you to get vaccinations against things like yellow fever, but when you are pregnant, these immunizations can actually do more harm than good, especially to your unborn child. While you might have wanted to go to Africa for a long time, it might just need to wait until your child is at least a few years old.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes. The last thing you want when you are traveling and pregnant is to wear clothes that are uncomfortable or too tight. If this is the case, you might want to stick with fabrics that have elastic in them. Also, large, flowing dresses work too, especially if it is particularly warm outside.

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