Luxury Villas in the Caribbean

file000836490643 Luxury Villas in the CaribbeanIt’s not a secret that the Caribbean is home to some of the world’s finest beach destinations; fine powdery sand, sunny skies, and turquoise waters altogether make it one of the dream destinations of beach heads from all over the world. The Dominican Republic in particular is quite famed for its gorgeous beaches that not only give a lovely view, but also an unforgettable experience for individuals looking to have some authentic beach holiday.

In the past few years, high-end resorts in the Dominican Republic have gradually increased owing to the rising number of tourists coming to the island year after year — with a large percentage looking to have a luxury resort experience. Today, there are a number of high-end resorts that dot the island — doors wide open to travellers who are willing to spend huge amounts of money on a single holiday.

There are different types of high-end villas to choose from when in DR. Some of these are the following:

Garden villas

These are highly recommended for tourists who are not too particular about being nestled near the beach, but would love to be surrounded by lush greens and the fragrance of fresh fruits and flowers. There are a number of garden villas in DR that are fully furnished and are available for either long-term or short term vacation rentals.

Beachfront villas

Many of the tourists that come to DR dream of renting a luxury villa that faces the beach. People just love the idea of waking up to the swishing of the sea, the soft and comforting Caribbean breeze, and the coarse yet wonderful feel of sand between their toes. Elegant and classy beach villas abound the island — great for those who want to experience luxurious living by the seaside during their dream Caribbean holiday. Sea Horse Ranch has a bunch of these villas that tourists can choose from.


You may also choose from a variety of villas depending on the size of the group that you’re having. For huge families, there are three to five bedroom villas that are spacious enough for five or more occupants. Sizes are not only limited to the floor area of the villa itself; you may also choose to rent ones that have wide lawns or roomy patios. There are even those that are conveniently perched on the poolside which is usually the choice of families with little kids in tow.

Long-term or short-term stay

The type of accommodation you pick for your vacation in the DR would also depend on the length of your stay. There are available villas both for short term and long term vacation rentals. This should give you a homey yet luxurious vacation experience in the Caribbean.

Buying a property in the Dominican Republic

Aside from vacation villas for rent, you may also opt to acquire your own property on the island. There are many real estate developers in the Dominican Republic that have luxury villas for interested buyers. These properties are ideal for individuals who would like to have a retreat house in the Caribbean, or those who want to have some passive income through real estate rentals.

About the author:

Cedric Loiselle is a passionate traveller who also takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge to fellow wanderlusts. For topnotch Caribbean villas and resorts, he highly recommends Sea Horse Ranch.

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