Feel Unique Experiences – Top Destinations in Indonesia

Malioboro Street 300x225 Feel Unique Experiences   Top Destinations in IndonesiaIndonesia is one of Southeast countries that offer exotic travelling experiences. This country is used to know because of Bali. However, this country also has so many other travelling destinations too. Each destination offers different kind of experience, and it also gives different atmosphere too. Let us see some of the destinations.

Ubud, Bali

This is where Balinese royal families live. Beside the scared temples and palaces, Ubud is also known for the tranquillity and romantic atmosphere. Several art galleries and museums make alternative for the sightseeing. However, this is perfect place for exotic relaxation. The accommodations services are excellent and some are world class ones. It will be unforgettable holiday.


This is one of most cultural cities in Indonesia. This city offers Javanese culture tour from Prambanan Temple, to Sekaten other cultural festivals. The Malioboro Street is the main attractions in the heart of the city, offering souvenirs along the road, and unique culinary offers. Rent old bike and go around the area, enjoying the colonial buildings and extravagant atmosphere every night.

Wakatobi, Sulawesi

This is the new diving heaven in Indonesia. It is located in Sulawesi between three small islands. The natural environment is still virgin and natural. The water allows you to see corals and sea creatures from our boat. However, diving in the sea will great experience you will love. This is one of the best destinations for diving travel in the world.

Raja Ampat, Papua

This area is no longer a tribal spot. Here, travellers will find luxurious accommodations and facilities. The amazing landscape and view are the main interesting parts of this destination. People like to dive in the sea or just staying on their hotels and enjoy the view. It looks even better than Caribbean Sea on so many levels.

Lombok Island

This island is known to be the alternative of Bali. Even though it is not as popular as Bali yet, the entire attractions are similar. This island has several virgin beaches where we can enjoy the quietness and private access to it. Near to the town, we will find many great accommodations. This island also offers local festivals and culinary experience.

There are still many other destinations too in Indonesia. The best time to visit Indonesia is not during the Ramadhan days and fasting month. Beside the price is higher, there will be less attractions and local festivals. Book early ticket for safe plan because this country has high travellers’ traffic.

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