Major Attractions of Sidney

Sidney Opera House 300x188 Major Attractions of SidneySidney has high traffic of tourists and offers many attractions of travellers. Many people like to spend their holidays in Sidney. Some of them revisit the city from time to time. Let us see how we can enjoy the entire parts of Sidney and what attractions we have there.

First, Sidney is popular for the beaches. Bondi is the most popular one. People spend hours here and the beach is still welcoming more people. Maybe it is more than the view and water activities we can do. The lifeguards are known to be very professional and hardworking. We have other alternatives too like Maroubra, Coogee, and other beaches. Sidney is surrounded by many beaches you can visit one by one. Surfing is like ordinary sport here. Most people do surfing and they are good at it too. So do not forget to insert beach visit on your travel schedule.

Second, you must visit the Sidney Opera House. This is not only the live music and shows that will be the main dishes. You will also like to explore on the area to find bars, cafes, and also restaurants. Not to mention the romantic atmosphere it brings, Sidney Opera House also offers shopping heavens and crafts products as souvenirs. Most people visit it at night for dinner and drinking. As a matter of fact, it has become the heart of the city and visiting the opera house means obligation when you are in town. Do not worry about the price because it varies a lot.

Third, you must visit the icon of the city, Sidney Harbour Bridge. At the harbour, you can have pleasant sunny lunch with nice view and delicious food too. By then, continue your tour with climbing the bridge. It will lead you to the best spot to see Sidney from the top. The price can be expensive on peak season, but most people say the same thing about it; it is worth the price. You will like it.

Sidney still has many other attractions to enjoy. The Paddy’s Market, the rocks, and let us not forgets several museums, will give pleasant trip and experience. If you have never been to Sidney before, you should consider planning your trip now. Sidney is opened for the whole years and offers so many activities and attractions for travellers. If you want to you can try to learn how to surf here. Many people will be eager to help you.

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